Applications are increasingly present in people’s routines. Used for various purposes, without a doubt, they are a great option to make life more practical. However, when looking for an application to download, it is possible that the user asks himself: “Will I have to pay for the download?”. Users who have already browsed the Google […]

Due to technological development, the speed of information and the importance of practicality in the daily lives of companies and customers, websites, blogs, e-commerces and social networks are no longer enough to stand out in the market. Then came the need to develop user-friendly applications to make life easier for its users. Hence, the importance […]

It’s already a fact that apps are here to stay! Apps are used for various activities such as leisure, education, physical activity practices, medical care, banking operations and so on! Each business has its characteristics and peculiarities, so custom apps are key to the success of a venture, as apps are a necessity for many […]

To start, let’s talk about the importance of an application for companies. Apps are a solution to bring brands closer to the public, offering day-to-day practicality. As it is a solution developed according to the company’s interest, it is possible to create it in order to base your internal communication on its own use. When […]

Ever used an app and missed something about it? From this absence, a great app idea can be born! The use of applications has grown as much as its production in the last year and the market remains promising for those with great ideas to make life easier for consumers. There are several examples of […]

Among the items that are at the top of digital actions, we highlight: applications and artificial intelligence, which aim to make the customer and user experience more pleasant, comfortable and unique. User experience involves everything that concerns their relationship with a system, product or service, from the perceptions that precede the purchase or use to […]

Digital transformation is a reality and companies are giving maximum attention to survive and stand out. The use of apps grew considerably during the pandemic and Brazil is the second country where the app market grows the most. The data also show that cell phones were the most used platforms for purchases, accounting for 82% […]

Se voltarmos no tempo, não há como negar que a tecnologia mudou nosso jeito de viver, ocasionando um impacto tão grande que todos os meios precisaram se adaptar, inovando no jeito de atrair consumidores. Com isso, chegaram os aplicativos! Os aplicativos são programas de software para dispositivos eletrônicos e estão presentes em dispositivos inteligentes. Desenvolvidos para […]

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