Aumento no uso de aplicativos pelos clientes de empresas e Startups

Digital transformation is a reality and companies are giving maximum attention to survive and stand out.

The use of apps grew considerably during the pandemic and Brazil is the second country where the app market grows the most.

The data also show that cell phones were the most used platforms for purchases, accounting for 82% of transactions, while computers, only 25%.

In 2020 alone, the use of apps, mainly delivery, grew from 30% to 400% depending on the state.

Studies indicate that Brazilians have around 70 to 80 apps installed, with an average real use of 30 apps.

The number of organic conversions on the Google Play Store, Google’s app store, increased by 30%, making companies and Startups race against time to be present in consumers’ pockets.

An example of a company that had a positive impact and stood out in e-commerce during the pandemic is Mercado Livre, which created its own app to better serve its consumers.

How to be prepared for the necessary changes?

  • Create an application for your company;
  • Align your product offering with changing consumer behavior;
  • Adjust your marketing strategy;
  • Stay tuned to your customer’s demand.

Why should your company or Startup develop an application?

With the expansion of digital business and the advancement of technologies, companies and Startups have been creating a more conducive environment for their customers.

Own technologies for mobile devices, such as applications, which are increasingly present in the market, with the consumption of products and services by cell phones being common, in addition to the ability to interact through social networks.

In addition, one of the great advantages of apps is the reduction of user data usage, making the experience much more convenient.

What are the advantages of an application for companies and Startups?

It has become common, regardless of the type of business, for companies to have their own apps. See some of the advantages:

  • ease of access
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Better relationship with customers
  • offline operation
  • Comfortable user experience

Among so many innovations, apps are here to stay, especially during the pandemic period, which has been governed by the use of mobile devices.

Companies and Startups have increased their investments to develop their own applications, in order to generate a unique experience for their users and consumers, increasing their sales and gaining recognition in a market that has become immensely competitive.

This attitude is decisive for retaining more customers, as it makes the company’s contact with the target audience easier and more practical.

Be visible to customers at all times. Have a professional application for your company or Startup project!

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