Quanto custa criar um aplicativo para celular?

To start, let’s talk about the importance of an application for companies.
Apps are a solution to bring brands closer to the public, offering day-to-day practicality.
As it is a solution developed according to the company’s interest, it is possible to create it in order to base your internal communication on its own use.
When looking for a solution to improve your offer of products or services, you should estimate the costs of this process, including the amount to keep the app running, still in the planning phase.
There is no definitive answer on how much an enterprise application costs.
Applications can be simple or more complex, however, we agree that regardless of whether the app is simple or complex, it must be easy to use, otherwise, the user runs the risk of uninstalling it.
For you to better understand the composition of the value of a mobile application, you need to know how it is developed.
In addition to expertise in software development and design knowledge, the use of different technologies used in building a website must also be taken into account.

Factors that influence the app creation value

  • Level of complexity (basic, medium or high);
  • Demand to be resolved;
  • Native app (ability to assume different functions) or hybrid (relatively simple programming language);
  • Characteristics and functionalities (standard or customized interface, login area, shopping cart, offering interaction with the user, etc.);
  • Interface and design;
  • Platforms (Android, iOS or hybrid);
  • Backend and admin infrastructure;
  • Maintenance and updates;
  • Be in Portuguese/Brazil or another language;
  • The time it takes for an application to be ready and launched directly influences its cost.

Benefits that applications bring to your company

  • Brand building;
  • Better customer relationship;
  • Market differentiation;
  • On-the-fly Marketing;
  • Research On-the-fly;
  • Integration to the company’s systems;
  • Greater business visibility.

The budget to build an app can vary depending on the infrastructure, platforms, code, features and design.
It’s also important to budget for maintenance, upgrades, and hosting costs on secure, fast servers.
As you can see, regardless of the complexity of the app, the sooner it is planned and ordered, the better!
When hiring a company to develop an application, make sure the managers or team members have experience with software development.
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