Applications are increasingly present in people’s routines. Used for various purposes, without a doubt, they are a great option to make life more practical.

However, when looking for an application to download, it is possible that the user asks himself: “Will I have to pay for the download?”.

Users who have already browsed the Google Play Store or App Store, at some point, have come across these terms: free, lite, premium and freemium.

These terms indicate the type of application you are downloading and whether or not you will have to pay mandatory/optional for it.

So that you are not surprised by some type of charge, find out about the categories in which the apps are inserted.

app free

The most common category is “Free”!

A “Free” application is one that you don’t have to pay anything to download and use.

Example: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, among others with very specific functions, produced and provided by Google.

Despite the large number of free apps, in “Free”, you are faced with a lot of advertising material, advertising windows, that is, ads.

This happens because the developer of that application wants to monetize their product.

app lite

Available for use during a certain period or with only a few functions available, the “Lite” applications work as a kind of tasting and can be downloaded for free.

With fewer features, it is a lighter app, providing a better experience for its users.

An example of this type of app is Facebook Lite, which was created to work in places where the Internet connection is precarious.

In this way, if the user wants to access all the functionalities of the “Lite” application, he must pay for its final version.

premium app

The “Premium” app is the one you pay to download (one-time payment).

As it is a paid app, you will not be faced with advertisements while using it, which provides the user with better usability.

This model works well for any type of app, however, it should be an option for apps that are feature-rich or target a specific audience or niche market.

freemium app

As the name implies, it is the combination of the words “Free” and “Premium”.

But what does that mean?

In other words, we’re looking at an app that combines two business models: free and premium.

This type of app is free to download, but they are real online stores. Your payment is made through the features sold in the store.

Thus, a “Freemium” app is free to download, and paid for who wants to use it.

The “Freemium” app is widely used in games such as Candy Crush and Plants vs. Zombies, for example.

Now that you know the difference between the types of apps, it’s important to talk about a curiosity about free apps. Because they have a lot of ads, this type of app consumes the cell phone battery faster, as well as the data package.

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