Among the items that are at the top of digital actions, we highlight: applications and artificial intelligence, which aim to make the customer and user experience more pleasant, comfortable and unique.

User experience involves everything that concerns their relationship with a system, product or service, from the perceptions that precede the purchase or use to the levels of interactivity itself.

And precisely because we live in a time when the user experience and the new consumer profile dictate the rules and their level of demand, companies have been stepping out of their comfort zone to retain and attract new customers and users, prioritizing the relationship through actions focused on the best customer experience and supported by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence involves a grouping of various technologies that can simulate human capabilities related to intelligence and the creation of intelligent systems capable of performing one or more tasks efficiently, allowing companies to satisfy consumer needs more easily.

What are the technologies behind AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

  • Machine Learning;
  • Deep Learning;
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What are the benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for businesses?

In addition to optimizing processes, reducing failures and repetitive work, artificial intelligence influences:

  • More assertive decision-making;
  • Convenience and scalability;
  • Increased automation;
  • Reduction of errors, risks and operating costs;
  • Optimized customer service;
  • Know your customers in depth;
  • Increase the quality of your customer service;
  • Target customers according to their demands;
  • Manage the consumer effectively;
  • Reorganize your operation’s priorities.

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more present in everyday life, making everyday tasks easier for businesses and consumers alike. For this reason, customers and users have quickly adapted to this new reality.

Thus, it is no longer enough to offer the best deal, customers want the best experience. Artificial intelligence provides:

  • Optimization of processes with the customer or user, allowing companies to accelerate learning about the customer and anticipate their needs;
  • More efficiency in human service, since artificial intelligence, when recognizing a problem, can present the solution more quickly to the attendant;
  • More solutions and personalization through consumer data, who want to have unique experiences and feel different from others;
  • Time for the company to think about innovations through a more effective and optimized service, which favors not only the customer, but also the work of the team;
  • Customer loyalty through personalized, efficient and fast service;
  • Reduction of costs in hiring personnel.

Companies of all sizes and segments are already using Artificial Intelligence technological strategies to improve their service and satisfy the demands of their users and consumers.

Technology is not enough, you need to be sensitive, anticipate consumer expectations to create a humanized bond in your interaction.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to provide more than just direct customer service, playing an important role in the overall customer experience, actually influencing the way customers behave.

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